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White Sox will reshape, not rebuild, according to GM

Rick Hahn points to his team's pitching rotation as a reason to avoid a complete rebuild.

David Banks

Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn discussed the future of the team with Scott Merkin of, and said that the front office is hoping to reshape the team, not completely rebuild it.

Merkin talked about the team's unwillingness to completely give up on a season, stating:

"It's not in our nature to write off any season. I don't think that's appropriate in baseball today. You see too many teams make fairly quick and significant turnarounds in the course of one offseason.

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The GM pointed to his team's starting pitching staff as the major reason why they are optimistic about their future:

"I do feel that starting with the pitching staff we have under control going forward, it would be foolish to say we can't win. That's the hardest thing to acquire and the most important thing to winning. With that said, obviously we have some work to do."

The White Sox entered Friday with a 43-69 record, only ahead of the Houston Astros in the win column. Chicago starters own a 3.83 ERA, tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for second best in the AL. White Sox hitters, however, have hit .248/.301/.377 on the year and have scored the second fewest runs in MLB.

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