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Dancing Astros groundskeeper

This is exactly what it sounds like, and you can watch both GIF and video of it.

You don't normally come to major-league baseball games to see dancing -- and if you do, you're bound to be disappointed -- but that's just what Astros fans saw on Sunday, when one of their groundskeepers put on a show.

For almost 30 seconds, the camera focused on this guy, as he went from dance move to dance move, including a worm that went both forwards and backwards, a flip, and a split, all before running off, rake in hand.

I expect this sort of thing at a minor-league game -- Dancing Groundskeeper is totally within the realm of minor-league gimmicks you would not be surprised to see in between innings. Given the Astros awful record and the endless supply of embarrassing GIFs they've provided us with this year, I guess this is close enough.

Aw, don't be sad, Astros fans. Here, watch the groundskeeper dance on a loop:


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