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Carlos Gomez home run antics incite Brewers-Braves brawl

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After a first inning home run off Paul Maholm, Gomez took an exceedingly long trot around the bases and called out several Braves, inciting a brawl between the two teams.

The fireworks began early in Wednesday night's game between the Braves and Brewers, as a brawl erupted after just the second at-bat of the game.

With Braves' pitcher Paul Maholm on the mound in the top of the first, Carlos Gomez took a huge swing on strike one, which bothered Maholm because baseball is weird. Gomez then crushed Maholm's second pitch, and took his sweet time around the bases, jawing with Maholm and first baseman Freddie Freeman on his long trot to home. Braves' catcher Brian McCann intercepted Gomez before he touched home plate, and things got a bit crazy.


Here's another angle of the altercation.


Gomez, Freeman and Atlanta first base coach Terry Pendleton were all ejected.

Gomez has been very successful against Maholm in his career, entering the game sporting a .421/.476/.684 line with two doubles and a home run in 19 at-bats. The two also faced each other on June 23, and Maholm hit Gomez in the first inning before forcing a groundout in the third. It was the second time Maholm hit Gomez in his career.

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