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Yankees miss playoffs for 2nd time in 19 years

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The Yanks are guaranteed to finish with their worst record since 1992.

Maddie Meyer

The New York Yankees will be forced to stay home during the month of October for the first time in five years -- and only the second time since 1994 -- after the Cleveland Indians defeated the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday.

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The Yankees entered the day needing a win over the Tampa Bay Rays and a loss by the Indians to stay alive. New York eventually lost to Tampa Bay, 8-3. As a result of those outcomes, Thursday is the team's first meaningless home game since Oct. 3, 1993, notes ESPN's Jayson Stark.

The last time the Yankees missed the playoffs, they finished in third place in the AL East with an 89-73 record. Prior to that, they played in the postseason in 13 consecutive years, a number that likely would have been higher had the 1994 season not ended prematurely. The Yankees finished that season 27 games over .500.

New York is guaranteed to finish no better than 86-76 this season, clinching its lowest winning percentage since 1992, when the club ended the season 10 games under .500 in Buck Showalter's managerial debut.

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