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Angels drop Anaheim from team name

The Angels renegotiated a new lease deal with the city of Anaheim. As part of the new deal, the Angels are free to drop the "of Anaheim" from the team name and go as the Los Angeles Angels.


The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have agreed to drop the "Anaheim" part of their name and could go back to being the Los Angeles Angels.

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The move comes as part of a newly negotiated lease deal with the Anaheim City Council. In the past, the Angels were required to use "Anaheim" as part of the team name, but the city is giving up their stake to the name and owner Arte Moreno is free to change it back. It's unknown what new name the team will go by, or when the change will take effect.

The team has gone by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim since 2005. Before that, they were known as the Los Angeles Angels, California Angels and Anaheim Angels.

In addition to changing the name, the Angels have a new lease deal for Angels Stadium, allowing them to stay in Anaheim through the 2019 season. The Angels are looking to either renovate the stadium or move to a new site in the Los Angeles region. City consultant Charles Black says that Moreno could move to Irvine, Irwindale or "at least half a dozen potential sites" in downtown L.A.

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