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Matt Harvey demonstrates how to deal with Twitter trolls

He shouldn't have to deal with them in the first place, but that's another story entirely.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey had a frustrating end to his 2013 season. While dominant in his time on the mound, an elbow injury resulting in Tommy John surgery put a stop to his year. To make up for that disappointment, Harvey is relaxing overseas during his recovery period, as anyone in his position would/should do.

What an asshole, right? At least, that's what this random dude who thinks ocean water in Thailand is for Hall of Fame pitchers only believes.

Normally I wouldn't pay any attention to some random Twitter troll, even of an athlete, but I'm mostly confused about this one. This dude realizes that everyone living in Thailand who sees the ocean has even fewer career wins than Matt Harvey, right? That going on vacation isn't inherently arrogant? Who am I kidding, the only surprising thing about this tweet is that the user actually has an avatar instead of a default egg.

Harvey handled it well enough on his own, at least.

I'm pretty sure the proper thing to do here was to just keep taking selfies and landscape shots of the "amazing" water and send all of them directly to this person who is very angry about it being Monday morning in Not Thailand, but I guess the more modest/innocent approach has its merits.

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