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A-Rod suspension: Rodriguez suing MLB and Players' Union to overturn suspension

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Alex Rodriguez is suing both Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players' Union in attempt to overturn the 162-game suspension handed down on Saturday.

Patrick Smith

Apparently, Alex Rodriguez has turned his Cuisinart up to "Ludicrous Speed." In an attempt to overturn the season-long suspension he was handed on Saturday, he is suing both Major League Baseball and the Players' Union, according to the AP.

Basically, everybody is mad at everybody right now. MLB suspended Rodriguez for alleged usage of banned substances, handing him the longest PED-related suspension in league history. Baseball is mad at A-Rod for tarnishing the good name of the game and using drugs to smash lots and lots of home runs. Not only that, but he has had the temerity to deny the whole thing and try to save face. That's gotta stick in Selig's craw.

A-Rod is mad at MLB for essentially railroading him and making him the target of a witch hunt. He never tested positive for anything and has maintained his innocence through this whole sordid process. He thinks baseball is trying to make an example of him.

The Players' Union is mad at MLB for airing all the dirty laundry on 60 Minutes. They did not appreciate MLB COO Rob Manfred detailing the whole thing on national television and are considering legal action of their own.

Now A-Rod is mad at the Players' Union, too. Rodriguez claims that the MLBPA "engaged in numerous acts that were arbitrary, capricious, & taken in bad faith," according to Dan Barbarisi. Basically, A-Rod is arguing that the Players' Union should have done more to represent him in the case, as that's basically what the union is supposed to do. So now he's suing them along with Major League Baseball. His legal complaint is 77 pages long, according to Andrew Marchand.

Everybody is suing everybody else and spring training is still 77 days away.

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