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ESPN announces early schedule for Sunday Night Baseball

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Sunday Night Baseball will be celebrating it's 25th year of being broadcast.


ESPN announced the early season schedule for it's 25th season of Sunday Night Baseball on Wednesday. All but one of the games will start at 8:00 pm ET. Dan Schulman will be joined on broadcasts by analysts Curt Schilling and John Kruk, along with reporter Buster Olney. Broadcasts will air over ESPN, ESPN radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Deportes radio, and the WatchESPN app.

Here is the full schedule of early season Sunday Night Baseball games from March 30-July 20:

March 30: Dodgers at Padres
April 6: Giants at Dodgers
April 13: Red Sox at Yankees
April 20: Orioles at Red Sox
April 27: Angels at Yankees
May 4: TBD
May 11: Cardinals at Pirates
May 18: Tigers at Red Sox
May 25: Cardinals at Reds
July 13: Yankees at Orioles
July 20: Dodgers at Cardinals

The Cardinals, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Yankees will each be featured in three games in the early slate of Sunday Night Baseball. The Orioles will play in two games while the Padres, Giants, Angels, Pirates, Tigers, and Reds each play in one. The games are split evenly between the two leagues with five American League games and five National League games, though the May 4 contest should tilt that in one league's favor.

The April 20 contest in Boston between the Red Sox and Orioles will have a special start time of 7:00 pm ET. This was done to help lengthen the turn-around between the Sunday game and an early day game the next day. April 21 will be Patriots' day, on which the Red Sox traditionally have been scheduled at home with an 11:00 am start. The Boston Marathon is also held that day.

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