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A-Rod suspension: 'No idea' when decision will be made

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Could be today. Could be tomorrow. But the decision is only the beginning.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The "final" decision on Alex Rodriguez' suspension could come at any moment, but if if the 211-game ban is upheld, the process could continue for some time, as Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York reports.

It's unlikely that a decision will come during next week's Hall of Fame announcements, in order to keep the news from eclipsing the Cooperstown. So, if a ruling isn't issued sometime in the next few days, A-Rod might have to wait until the week of the 13th to hear if he will face the full 211-games, a reduced punishment, or a complete reversal of his suspension.

If the decision isn't to his liking, A-Rod could take the case to federal court in an effort to dispute the matter again. While the court is unlikely to get involved in revising the league's collective bargaining agreement, the process could still lengthen the process considerably.

The Yankees are waiting patiently to hear the ruling as well, since Rodriguez' $25 million salary for the 2014 season would all but end their efforts to add players while staying under the luxury tax threshold. Even if A-Rod's salary is negated by a suspension, the Yanks could have trouble reaching their goal of getting payroll below the $189 million limit.

A ruling will be handed down soon, but it might just be the beginning of another stage in Rodriguez' protracted legal battle with Major League Baseball.

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