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Bronson Arroyo rumors: 'Don't believe everything you read'

Arroyo might have been being a little hyperbolic when he said he didn't have an offer to turn down.

Andy Lyons

After Bronson Arroyo's comments on the lack of offers he's received, the baseball world responded with widespread surprise that pitcher as reliable as he's been couldn't find a deal in this winter's market. However, sources have told MLB Daily Dish's Chris Cotillo that Arroyo's comments might not be as literal as they sounded, saying "don't believe everything you read."

Arroyo, who will turn 37 next month, is one of the best remaining starters on the free agent market, and is almost unquestionably the most reliable.

He's thrown over 200 innings in every season since 2005 (except for the 199 he pitched in 2011 -- c'mon, Dusty!), and the results over that span have been admirable -- three percent better than league average in terms of ERA-. Posting respectable numbers at the hitter-friendly confines of the Great American Ballpark isn't easy for most pitchers.

Arroyo's advanced metrics could be part of the reason he's not receiving as many offers as he'd like, though that number appears to be more than zero now. In park- and league-adjusted ERA, Arroyo has posted below average numbers every season since 2007.

Rumors have connected him to as many as seven teams at different points in the offseason, but even if Arroyo was exaggerating a little by saying he's had no formal offers, it appears as though he is having some trouble finding one he likes.

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