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Ned Yost criticized by Pedro Martinez, others for 6th inning decisions in Wild Card Game

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Just imagine the criticism had Ned Yost lost this game.

Ed Zurga

The Royals led the Athletics in the sixth inning, when the American League Wild Card Game took a turn. Oakland rallied for five runs in the inning, but even after Kansas City came back and won in 12 innings, postgame reaction turned to the Royals and manager Ned Yost.

With that 3-2 lead, the first two A's runners in the sixth inning reached base against Royals ace James Shields. That's when Yost pulled his starter after just 88 pitches, to bring in another starter. Yordano Ventura, who has started 33 of his 34 major league games and 66 of his 67 minor league games in the last four seasons, was summoned in relief.

Brandon Moss hit Ventura's third pitch over the center field wall to give the A's the lead for good.

Pedro Martinez was particularly vocal in his criticism of Yost, both on TBS during the postgame television coverage and on Twitter.

A sampling of the reaction:

Then Jim Bowden brought it all full circle, referencing this potential canine transaction.