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World Series: All the pregame stuff Fox might or might not bother to show you

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The Giants have lined up quite a number of pregame ceremonies for Friday's Game 3.

Willie Mays and Willie McCovey at spring training 1986
Willie Mays and Willie McCovey at spring training 1986
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SB Nation 2014 MLB Bracket

Via's Alyson Footer, the bill of fare for those in attendance at AT&T Park this evening:

That sounds pretty cool. Hope they show that instead of cutting back to the studio or hyping "Gotham" again.

That's correcting an oversight from back at the All-Star Game. Better late than never.

Appropriately sensitive given the human tragedy involved there. We should also remember that Major League Baseball did the right thing and postponed the World Series at that time. Sometimes they do get it right the first time. That was a decision by Fay Vincent, the last semi-independent commissioner.

That's great. La Russa is still a presence in the game, but Craig keeps a low profile. It's a shame because he had a wonderful career as a player, coach, and manager and he would be a font of great stories were he inclined to tell them.

This seems like an act of hubris, like being too casual with the apple of discord. I mean, the Gods give you a gift, you don't just toss it back. (In general, if the Gods want to give you a gift your best bet is to run like hell. Failing that, cherish the thing.) If the Giants don't win, you know why: It was the wrath of Zeus or the vanity of Hera or something. Expect a revival of the Eleusinian Mysteries in the aftermath, assuming San Francisco isn't hosting that kind of thing already.