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Alex Rodriguez reactivated by the Yankees

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The suspension is over. A-Rod is back, y'all!

Jonathan Daniel

Alex Rodriguez missed the entirety of the 2014 Major League Baseball season serving a suspension for his ties to Biogenesis. He appealed the initial punishment, which was set to cost him the end of 2013 as well as all of the 2014 season, and ended up getting it reduced to just the latter. There was no escaping Bud Selig and his desire to see A-Rod punished more than anyone else, however, and realizing that, Rodriguez just did his time and kept quiet, knowing Bud would be gone in 2015 anyway.

That's all over now, though. Alex Rodriguez was officially reactivated on Thursday, the day after the season officially ended. He's once again part of the Yankees roster and on their payroll. It's unclear if he's going to be the third baseman in the Bronx in 2015, or if he's going to spend most of his time at designated hitter, or if he spent his year working out so hard he can suddenly play shortstop again now that Derek Jeter has gone. That last one won't happen, but that won't stop us from wanting him to troll that hard.

If you didn't miss the A-Rod circus at all, this is the official end of your season-long vacation. If you're glad to have someone back who will say or do things everyone will feel the need to talk, judge, defend, and rant about after, though, then today is like an early Christmas for you. Regardless of your side in this, he's back.


Happy A-Rodmas, everyone!