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Track where baseball players were born, thanks to this amazing map

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This new map of the United States is just a tiny bit different from the one we're used to, but who could say no to living in New Thome or Los Gwynn?

SB Nation 2014 MLB Bracket

You usually think of baseball players as split up by the country they were born in or by what school they went to, but Slate did the heavy lifting of creating a map to show off where in the United States baseball players were born. They made a few maps, actually, showing off locations of player births, as well as an animated one for the various sports, but the one that sticks out is the new map of America based on where players were born:

The idea was to split states up to have the same number of ballplayers born in each one of them, and since so many players come from places like California and Texas, they each become multiple states, while a whole lot of their less populous, less weather-friendly neighbors turned into Gooseland, the home of Goose Gossage, instead.

Personally, I want to know what life is like in New Thome. I hope it's full of mashed taters.