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Reviewing the new Minnesota Twins uniform

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The Minnesota Twins have a new uniform! It's better than the old one.

via Minnesota Twins
via Minnesota Twins

This is a review of the new Twins home uniform. Before we go any further, we need to remember what the old Twins home uniform looked like. Here's the old uniform, modeled by Tom Brunansky:


Rob Carr, Getty Images

Thanks, Bruno! That's the Twins home uniform that we were used to for the last five seasons, which was very close to the ones they've been wearing since 1987. But have you really looked at the uniform in a while? I'll pretty much get used to anything over time. I spent more time laughing at the Marlins' uniforms when they were announced than I have thinking about their uniforms since. And if you asked me to draw the Twins' uniform from memory, I'm not sure how close I could have come.

Looking at it now, though, I realize I hate it. I've had a subconscious loathing of the Twins' uniforms for years, and no one told me. Don't get me wrong, the hats are cool. The hats are cool, even though they confused the hell out of me as a kid. The rest, though, is a mess. Pinstripes? Never a fan for non-Yankees teams. The font is dated. What's with the underscore? It looks like a misplaced eyebrow. And what's with the white curly-q thing on his shirt collar? That will never catch on.

Wait, I just realized the hat looks like the Reds' logo is shooting a crossbow. Now I don't know what to think.

Okay, so those are the old uniforms. Keep them in mind when reviewing the new uniforms.

You can get a full set here. The big addition: gold. The big change: pinstripes and the uniform number from the front are both gone.

The gold isn't splashed about all over the place, but it's still prominent enough to give the uniform a rainbow vibe around the collar and on the pants. Here's something that unironically suggests the gold "evolves (the Twins') brand." The Twins' brand: Now with a little smidgen of gold!

The colors aren't ideal, but remember the old one up there. The navy blue and red combined to make a weird, purple optical illusion. The gold outline helps with that. So it's an improvement on that, at least. And the lack of pinstripes is a big, big plus.


The Four Invisible Twins that Haunt Your Dreams (Wikimedia Commons).

Those are uniforms that make me buy a new TV and realize that the old TV wasn't the problem. The eyebrow under the Twins script is still there, but I'll get used to it again. Overall, it's a nice, clean uniform, with an improved font and color scheme. Ditching the number on the front was a great idea. The new Twins home uniform gets a B+ compared with the uniform it's replacing, but a C+ overall because that eyebrow really bugs me.

If I had to design a new Twins home uniform, here's what I would submit after eliminating the numbers on the front:

rod carew

Rod Carew. You knew that, right? (Getty Images).

That's because I'm a sucker for anything old and classic. Also, the eyebrow turns into a part of the script, and it makes sense. Mostly, though, the retro part appeals to me. So you can give the new uniform an A for me from 2065, when it will be pleasingly anachronistic and delightful.