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SB Nation MLB Most Regrettable nominees

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Vote for the most regrettable moment in baseball this year.

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Managers who leave their starter in too long. Managers who pull their starter too quick. Managers who pinch hit with the worst batter on the bench for the final out of a playoff series. General managers who don't know how to fire their managers. Well, you get the gist. There was a lot of regrettable stuff going on in baseball this year. Here are a few other regettable decisions that went on, as chosen by a committee of Kurt Mensching, Marc Normandin, Grant Brisbee and Bill Hanstock. Tell us the worst. Or best. Your choice, really.

Ryan Raburn throws the ball into the middle of no where, Lets Go Tribe

Oh, Ryan Raburn. What would we do without you? We wouldn't have fun posts like this, that's for sure. In another addition to the great Raburn highlight reel, he first misses the ball while diving and then throws it -- into the middle of nowhere. Both funny, and regrettable.

Manny Machado loses his cool, Camden Chat

You do not want to throw near Manny Machado, I'll tell you that much. The A's got a little inside and -- well, just watch for yourself.

Rockies owner can't put down his iPad, Purple Row

Purple Row:

Dick Monfort did not have a good July. First, there was his infamous "If product and experience that bad don't come!" message to a Rockies fan who traveled to Coors Field from Grand Junction only to see his favorite team get squashed. Later, Colorado's owner expressed his disdain for bringing an outside presence into the organization for fear that it might upset its culture.

But the worst of the worst was when, in another one of his iPad email rants, Monfort told a fan that "Denver doesn't deserve a team." More than 30,000 people showed up to Coors Field on a nightly basis to see a 96-loss team, but Monfort acted like his club's struggles were the fault of paying customers. The backlash was huge; players eventually became disgruntled, largely due to all of the negative attention surrounding the team's front office, and longtime general manager Dan O'Dowd stepped down after 15 years in the position.

Bud Selig Hall of Fame plaza, Gaslamp Ball

I can think of a lot of things people would do involving Bud Selig. Sadly I cannot print most of them here. One thing that you would not expect people to do: honor him with a plaza at your stadium. What's the point in kissing up to a man who's retiring anyway? But the Padres did just that. Enjoy your Selig plaza, Pads fans!