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Oscar Taveras' family takes over his Twitter to thank fans

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The family of the late Taveras has been receiving support and gifts from fans, and they wanted to thank them all.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

It's been almost a month since the tragic death of Cardinals' prospect Oscar Taveras. The 22-year-old died in a car accident in his native Dominican Republic, along with his girlfriend, Edilia Arvelos. Fans have shown their support to Taveras' family in the weeks since the accident, however, and the family has now taken over Oscar Taveras' Twitter account to thank those fans for all they have done and tried to do during a difficult time.

That was the tweet that capped off an initial string of retweets and original tweets showcasing the tributes fans have made for Taveras, and they are still coming. It's upsetting all over again to see this, but also touching that people care so much -- and that it seems to be doing something for the family during a time of need.

There are far more tributes than these few showing up on the account thanks to Taveras' family, if you'd like to join us in feeling sad while also smiling.