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2014 MLB postseason shares announced

A full postseason share for the World Series-winning Giants was valued at 77.7 percent of a major league minimum salary

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants earned full postseason shares of $388,606 as a result of their third World Series championship in five seasons, Major League Baseball announced on Monday.

The Giants' share of the players pool totals $22,329,526. The club awarded 47 full shares, 9.65 partial shares and 17 cash awards. When San Francisco won the World Series in 2012, each full share was worth $370,872.53.

The total players' pool -- worth $62,026,4662 in 2014 -- is made up of a percentage of gate receipts from each round of the postseason. Sixty percent of the attendance revenue from the LDS, LCS and World Series rounds went into the players' pool, along with 50 percent of the gate receipts from each of the two Wild Card play-in games.

The pool was divided between all 10 teams that reached the postseason, including the losers of the Wild Card contests. The Giants received 36 percent of the pool compared to 24 percent for the Royals; 12 percent each for the Cardinals and Orioles; 3.25 percent each for the Nationals, Dodgers, Angels and Tigers; and 1.5 percent each to both Wild Card Game losers, the Pirates and Athletics.

Here is a full breakdown of the shares awarded by each losing team:

Royals - $14,886,351

54 full shares, 9.77 partial shares and 25 cash awards; full shares worth $230,700

Orioles - $7,443,175

52 full shares, 6.25 partial shares and 36 cash awards; full shares worth $125,288

Cardinals - $7,443,175

54 full shares, 10.32 partial shares and two cash awards; full shares worth $115,481

Angels - $2,015,860

57 full shares, 7.825 partial shares and 29 cash awards; full shares worth $29,845

Tigers - $2,015,860

55 full shares, 8.21 partial shares and 55 cash awards; full shares worth $31,544

Nationals - $2,015,860

58 full shares and 10.52 partial shares; full shares worth $29,418

Dodgers - $2,015,860

54 full shares, 9.77 partial shares and 25 cash awards; full shares worth $31,543

Pirates - $930,397

47 full shares, 8.92 partial shares and one cash award; full shares worth $16,556

Athletics - $930,397

53 full shares, 6.42 partial shares and 18 cash awards; full shares worth $15,266