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Alex Rodriguez allegedly paid cousin nearly $1 million to keep quiet

Throughout the Biogenesis scandal and trial, Alex Rodriguez's "Cousin Yuri" has been one of the centers of attention. Yuri Sucart, Rodriguez's cousin, is one of the defendants in the case against Biogenesis, and the New York Daily News reports that Rodriguez paid $900,000 in hush money to keep Sucart from detailing A-Rod's use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Alex Rodriguez’s infamous "Cousin Yuri Sucart" threatened to expose the Yankee superstar’s doping secrets unless the scandal-ridden slugger coughed up "enormous sums of money," according to court papers filed last week in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Rodriguez caved, entering into a confidential settlement with Sucart on June 5, 2013, agreeing to pay Sucart one $700,000 payment for his silence, in addition to three more payments made to Sucart that totalled $200,000.

Good work, Alex. Now no one will ever know. Your secret is safe with Cousin Yuri.

The Daily News also reports that Rodriguez could be called in to testify against Sucart in the trial, which would be a new wrinkle in a Federal crusade that's seen Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens on the other side of prosecution.