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MLB suspending Biogenesis lawsuit following Alex Rodriguez suspension

With both MLB and Alex Rodriguez dropping lawsuits in the past week, it appears the Biogenesis scandal is nearly entirely wrapped up.

Patrick McDermott

In the wake of the Alex Rodriguez suspension, Major League Baseball has suspended it's lawsuit against Biogenesis and will likely drop the suit altogether, reports Michael O'Keeffe of the New York Daily News.

MLB is reportedly hoping to move past Biogenesis now that Rodriguez has been suspended along with every other player allegedly involved with the Florida anti-aging clinic. With Rodriguez dropping his lawsuits against the league and others the past week, MLB canceling it's suit against Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch and five other defendantsmay be the end of the Biogenesis saga.

There had been some at the time who questioned the merits of the lawsuit, claiming it was a means to find more evidence against Rodriguez and 13 others who were suspended. Despite the pending suit, Bosch willingly aided MLB by giving testimony during Rodriguez's appeal.

In exchange for Bosch's cooperation, MLB agreed to pay his mounting legal costs and compensate him for any future litigations. The league had been accusing him of "intentional and unjustified tortious interference" for providing players with substances banned in baseball.

The league reportedly is also not seeking further punishments for Rodriguez moving forward, thus the Biogenesis scandal does not appear likely to extend to federal court in any further fashion.

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