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Derek Jeter retirement: Yankees SS says he's 'ready to do other things'

Derek Jeter held a press conference Wednesday to discuss his impending retirement, but though the Yankees shortstop said he is "ready to do other things," he emphasized that he isn't done just yet.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter held a press conference Wednesday to take questions about his retirement, but it was not his "retirement" press conference. Jeter emphasized the difference several times, saying that he still has "a season to play ... I can't reiterate enough that we still have a season to play."

Jeter did not have a speech prepared. He decided to field questions, only, in an apparent attempt to keep proceedings low-key. Then his own teammates betrayed him. They lined up along the wall facing him, damn near the whole squad, and listened.

So inevitably the non-retirement press conference started sounding like a retirement press conference. Jeter was asked about his decision to leave the game after one more season, and he answered honestly, saying he is "ready to do other things." He was candid about the grind of baseball and how important his off-field life is to him.

Jeter even deigned to comment on his legacy.

But no, this wasn't a retirement press conference, so please stop trying to make Derek Jeter sad. Via

Someone asked if he's emotional inside.

"You trying to get me to cry?" he jokes.

Yes, he says, it's emotional. And he does have feelings. "I'm not emotionally stunted," he said.