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AL Central starting lineups and rotations, as described by Google autocomplete

Part two of a six-part series.

Here are the projected rotations and starting nine for every AL Central team, as described by Google's autocomplete. If you missed the first entry in the series, it's on the AL West, and you can find it here.


  • These are from the drop-down menu in Firefox's browser search. I entered a player's name, followed by one letter from A to Z, and the result included here appeared on the drop-down menu.

  • These are not the first results. Otherwise they would all be "stats", "girlfriend", or "shirtless." These are the most interesting or amusing results. In some cases, interesting or amusing could not be found. That is your fault. You didn't search for enough freaky things.

  • Google has all of our brains mapped and on file somewhere, so these are probably tailored specifically to me. I cleared my cookies first, but you never know.

To the charts!

Minnesota Twins


Cleveland Indians


Chicago White Sox


Detroit Tigers


Kansas City Royals

Takeaway: The AL Central has some serious issues. But I'll grab my cadence cream and flow fuschia, and I'll give that coloring book a try.