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Happy Pi Day from MLB teams!

Today is Pi Day (3/14). What do baseball teams have to say about that?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Pi Day! If you are not familiar with this fantastic holiday, it is observed on March 14, or 3/14, to celebrate the number pi, or 3.14 (and change). People usually celebrate Pi Day by ... well, by going to work, probably, because it's Friday. But they may also make math jokes and/or enjoy pies or other round-shaped foods.

Given that baseball is a game based around a sphere, whose dimensions are based on pi, it's only natural that MLB teams would get in on the fun. Here is your Pi Day Twitter roundup:

The Marlins made a video:

...complete with disclaimer.

The Braves got close, with Jason Heyward giving each of his teammates a PiS4:

But the Cardinals, who are excellent at baseball, are not so good at Pi Day.

No, no, no. Your area code is local. Pi is universal. You're doing it wrong.

Dude, that's a cake, not a pie. I don't even ... whatever.

ESPN offered this statistical treat...

...while MLB Memes went with a couple of classics:

Our MLB overlords got in on the action, too:

Unfortunately, they were outdone by the NFL:

Sadly, there were no jokes made about Hall of Famer Pie Traynor. Get it together, Pittsburgh Pi-rates.

Happy Pi Day, everyone!