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Jameis Winston appears in FSU-Florida baseball dustup

The 2013 Heisman Trophy winner and Seminoles closer showed his face in a minor fracas between the two rivals.


A bench-clearing brawl (er, shouting-and-shoving match) broke out in a baseball game between the Florida State Seminoles and Florida Gators on Tuesday. Jameis Winston, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who doubles as FSU's closer, was right in the middle of the commotion, though the degree of his involvement is unknown.

The altercation began after Seminoles outfielder DJ Stewart collided with Gators pitcher Danny Young while trying to run out a grounder in the top of the eighth inning. Florida infielder Zack Powers took exception and shoved Stewart, which resulted in both benches emptying onto the field.

Winston can be seen in the video, as well as a photo tweeted by @jaxdotcom (hat-tip to Deadspin), nearing the Florida side of the gathering. However, he and several other players appeared to be restrained by on-field police officers and other members of the Seminoles.

Stewart, Young and Powers were ejected from the game after the dust settled. Florida eventually defeated No. 1 Florida State, 4-1.