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Cubs catcher takes one in the beans

Groinpening Day is here!

It's Opening Day! This is important for two reasons:

  1. Baseball is the best game
  2. Baseball is the best game for players and umpires getting hit in the beans

Those two are almost certainly related. Here, then, is the very first doink of the regular season, courtesy of Welington Castillo of the Chicago Cubs.

How did that feel?

Unpleasant. And look at that cold, unfeeling child behind him. Three blinks is all Castillo gets for his misery.

It's an Opening Day omen! Gonna be a long season for the Cubs. Remember you heard that here first. If you wanted to Zapruder that footage, this will help. Here's the incoming angle:

The point of contact:

The angle of the deflection:

And the soundtrack you should use:

Baseball's back! And baseball is a jerk.