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Ervin Santana rumors: Free agent righty 'fired' agent, or maybe not

There are conflicting reports on whether or not Santana is making a change.

Jim Rogash

On one hand, it's March 7th and Ervin Santana still doesn't have a job. He might even end up sitting out a third of the season in order to avoid being attached to a draft pick. So it would make some sense if he has indeed "fired" his agent, Bean Stringfellow of Proformance, as Dionisio Soldevila of ESPN Deportes reports.

On the other, Stringfellow has done exactly what Santana has asked him to do: Stand firm at somewhere around four years and $50 million. So, firing him for being obedient doesn't make perfect sense, but he might just be a scapegoat. If Santana ditches him, his market could pick up simply because something has changed.

Jay Alou, an agent with Proformance, said Santana is "still represented by the same person he first signed with 15 years ago."

Soldevila reponded to his original report by saying Santana does not plan to hire a new agent, meaning he "could negotiate his own contract."

What has actually happened is uncertain at this point, but it would make some sense for Alou to say what he said even if Santana's departure from his agency was imminent. Apparently, nothing has been officially announced, however, Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal also reported that Santana had decided to leave Proformance.

Santana, 31, has said he will not consider a Nelson Cruz-type deal. If he's unwilling to budge on his demands, he may very well end up sitting out until June, and even then, teams might not be lining up to offer him the contract he wants.