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Derek Jeter gives ball to innocent child instead of horrible person

Thanks, Captain, for thinking of the children.

Derek Jeter wanted to give a ball to a young fan in the crowd who was 1) in a Jeter shirt and 2) holding a sign. This Astros fan was having none of it, though:


It was never intended for the Astros fan, as Jeter made sure to reach up and above her, but that didn't stop her from trying to pluck it from his hand repeatedly. Let's not pick on Ms. Astros too much, though: she's at a baseball game, it's Derek Jeter, and it's a foul ball. Who knows what we'd all do in that moment?

Maybe we'd be like this guy to the left of our Astros fan, who steals a high five from Jeter when the Captain's hand is on the way down. Or, maybe we'd sit quietly in the back with a tallboy Bud Light in a pink beer koozie.

Okay, you're right, we probably wouldn't, but someone had to bring attention to that beer koozie.