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The Daily Puig: Jordan Lyles dominates on the mound and at the plate

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It's hard to Puig it up as a pitcher, but Jordan Lyles was up to the challenge.

Justin Edmonds

You are unlikely to see pitchers in The Daily Puig very often, as the Puigiest things a player can do often involve hitting, defense, and baserunning. Rockies' starter Jordan Lyles forced the issue, though, as he not only threw six innings of one-run ball against the White Sox on Monday, but he also collected three hits and drove in two runs in the process.

It began when Lyles smoked this RBI double into left center in the bottom of the second off of White Sox starter Felipe Paulino:


He followed that up by fielding a bunt and kicking off a double play without it turning into an adventure, as it so often becomes when pitchers need to defend:


His next time to the plate, he once again put a solid swing on a pitch and earned a single for his efforts:


Oh, right, Lyles also pitched well:


You could argue that Lyles actually hit this pitch much too on the nose, as the scorched liner to center only allowed one run to score with the bases loaded. Be worse at baseball, Jordan, for your team's sake.


All told, Lyles threw 6-2/3 innings of one-run ball, inducing 11 grounders in the ballpark where they're needed most while striking out four. He hit a double and two singles while driving in enough runs on his own to put himself in position to earn a win. Stealing the show like that is about as Yasiel Puig as you can get.