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Tracy McGrady makes pro baseball debut

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Former NBA All-Star and scoring champ Tracy McGrady pitched on Saturday. It did not go well.

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Seven-time NBA All Star Tracy McGrady made his professional baseball debut Saturday evening as a member of the Sugar Land Skeeters against the Somerset Patriots, pitching 1⅔ innings Saturday night.

Not surprisingly, McGrady was roughed up in his short outing -- he hadn't pitched since transferring to a high school that didn't have a baseball program. McGrady also pitched for the Skeeters in a scrimmage in April, allowing a run on three hits in his one inning of work.

McGrady allowed four baserunners and two runs on Saturday night, while only throwing 18 of his 35 pitches for strikes. That included two walks and a home run given up to former major leaguer Edwin Maysonet, but just getting through an inning is remarkable for someone as inexperienced as McGrady.

After this less-than-stellar performance, even with what were likely low expectations, it remains to be seen how short of a leash the team will have for McGrady going forward. Or, in fact, if there are any plans at all for him. With a 10.80 ERA, close to twenty years between pitches and 34 years of life behind him, it seems as though McGrady will have just as much luck in baseball as he did getting out of the first round of the NBA playoffs.