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The Daily Puig: Yasiel Puig plays ping pong, starts a dance party

He also goes down a slide and plays video games and sings and

MLB Fan Cave

Yasiel Puig had a busy off day on Monday. He hung out at the MLB Fan Cave and spent the entire time playing video games, ping pong, starting dance parties, and more.

Part of my love for Puig stems from the idea that he approaches everything in life with the joy and intensity he shows on the baseball field. We got a glimpse of the truth in that when we heard him celebrate a grand slam in a video game, but we're seeing that's even more how Puig is thanks to this clip of him playing ping pong against an MLB Fan Cave-r.


Oh no, he's not finished celebrating yet.


You have to get through the whole video before you can see the Puig Dance Party, but don't worry. Before that you'll see him go down a slide, flip a controller after a home run in MLB The Show like it's a bat, and hear him sing.