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MLB Draft 2014 Consensus mock draft list

A look at who the experts agree on (or don't) in the first round of the MLB draft.


While June 5 and the 2014 MLB Draft seem both around the corner and an eternity away, mock drafts are being churned out with more and more frequency. With so many draftees coming from high school, and college baseball not nearly as popular as other college sports, many fans will never have heard of the players selected in the first round of the MLB Draft, much less the later ones.

To help with that, we've grouped together mock drafts from six different draft experts. Sure, they may have some of the same sources, but given the breadth of the representatives, there was a healthy amount of disagreement on who might go where. Mock drafts from ESPN's Keith Law,'s Kiley McDaniel, MLB-Draft Insider's Chris Crawford, Baseball America, SB Nation's Minor League Ball and's Jonathan Mayo were used to create a consensus draft list. Details on the process are below the list.

Pick Team Consensus Pick Team Consensus
1 Astros Carlos Rodon 15 Angels Max Pentecost
2 Marlins Tyler Kolek 16 DBacks Brandon Finnegan
3 White Sox Brady Aiken 17 Royals Kyle Schwarber
4 Cubs Alex Jackson 18 Nationals Erick Fedde
5 Twins Nick Gordon 19 Reds Sean Reid-Foley
6 Mariners Aaron Nola 20 Rays Tyler Beede
7 Phillies Bradley Zimmer 21 Indians Michael Chavis
8 Rockies Kyle Freeland 22 Dodgers Derek Hill
9 Blue Jays Touki Toussaint 23 Tigers Nick Burdi
10 Mets Sean Newcomb 24 Pirates Monte Harrison
11 Blue Jays Jeff Hoffman 25 Athletics Ti'Quan Forbes
12 Brewers Michael Conforto 26 Red Sox Derek Fisher
13 Padres Trea Turner 27 Cardinals Foster Griffin
14 Giants Grant Holmes

There were some selections with no consensus whatsoever -- all six mock drafts chose someone different -- in these cases I stepped in and selected someone based on several factors including whether they were a consensus selection further down, the range they were generally mocked in, and the team's historical preferences. There were also a couple situations in which a player was the consensus overall selection in more than one draft slot. In these cases I placed the player in the slot that had the greater number of "votes," and found another suitable selection for the remaining team, making sure that all selection worked within the consensus universe. For the most part though, a few of the mock drafters were able to agree on a selection for each team.

While there is generally a consensus at the top, the 2014 draft is deeper than it is top-heavy, so there was a fair amount of disagreement throughout the six mock drafts used. Only one player was unanimous among the various drafts; Nick Gordon, going at pick five to the Minnesota Twins.


Jeff Hoffman was a unanimous top five selection before coming down with an elbow injury that requires Tommy John surgery.

Erick Fedde was gaining steam as a top 10 selection before requiring Tommy John as well. Those injuries have caused a bit of extra uncertainty in an already uncertain world.

New information will come out in between now and June 5th, and we'll be updating the consensus mock table along the way. Check back next Thursday for an update, as well as the morning of draft day for our final update.