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2014 Home Run Derby delayed by rain

The players and fans are all prepped and ready for the 2014 Home Run Derby. There is just one problem — rain.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Update: Yoenis Cespedes wins Home Run Derby (again)

Update: After about an hour delay player introductions are now underway.

Rain in the Minneapolis area has delayed the start of the 2014 Home Run Derby at Target Field.

With the pre-event festivities concluded and the 10 participants set to swing for the fences Monday night, Mother Nature threw a wrench into MLB's plans. It is unknown what contingency plans — if any — MLB has in place for the rain, though there is little the league can do if the precipitation doesn't stop at some point Monday night.

Canceling the Home Run Derby wouldn't be unprecedented, as rain caused MLB to call off the 1988 Derby at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. That remains the first and only Home Run Derby to be cancelled since the event began back in 1985. If the Derby does take place as expected, Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki, the captains of the AL and NL teams, will be the first two batters to take aim for the outfield seats at Target Field.