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Jeff Samardzija's awkward All-Star Game introduction

Somebody kind of blew this one.

Jeff Samardzija is probably really happy to have earned his first career All-Star selection. Or at least, he was happy, until Major League Baseball and FOX decided to give him the black sheep treatment during player introductions.

Samardzija, who was selected as a member of the Cubs but got shipped to the Athletics earlier this month, was given an awful generic cap and National League All-Star jersey and forced to stand at the end of the line on the NL side. When Joe Buck, who was manning the microphone during the introductions, got to Samardzija, here's what he had to say:

"And, elected to the National League All-Star team by his fellow players but traded to Oakland on the Fourth of July so he can't play in this game -- but give him a big round of applause -- it's Jeff Samardzija."

Apparently it was just too wrong to allow Samardzija to dress up in his A's uniform and stand with his Oakland and American League teammates instead of forcing him to sit through the most uncomfortable individual All-Star Game introduction ever.