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Padres waited too long, didn't get enough from Chase Headley trade

Here is what the experts are saying about the Chase Headley trade.

Jason Miller

The Chase Headley trade -- rumored for years -- has finally happened. Let's take a look at what our favorite experts are saying.

Dammit, Padres

Before the details were released:

It is known. Why did they wait so long? What were they thinking then? What are they thinking now?

Worth pointing out that there IS a reason Padres GM Josh Byrnes was fired.

This is why you don't make major moves with an interim GM. Or maybe this is why Byrnes is gone? I mean...


Only the Yankees can really do this on the regular:

Knobler is being funny here, but he's making a subversive point. The Yankees *still* aren't getting younger, no matter how little they're giving up. Is that sustainable? Not if you're any team but the Yankees.

Sheehan makes a good point. Does anybody bat an eye at Solarte/DePaula-for-$1-million?

Is Cashman the Bill Belichick of MLB? Everything looks wise in retrospect when it was Brady / the weight that Yankees' financial leverage confers all along? Let's talk about this later.

But what are the Yankees actually getting?


Wisdom for the rest of the league

I don't care if it's gauche to embed your own tweets. The Royals -- and all teams like them like the Cubs -- never quite understand their place on the spectrum of winning and the best moment to trade talent. Everyone please go look at the Rays and why they're trading Price now (hint: not because they're losing).

Nothing happens in a vacuum in MLB. The way this affects the rest of the trade market will be awesome to see play out.


The man himself:

Edit: ^That man is a bad man and is a fake account. Apologies to our readers.

Every ballplayer, everywhere probably feels the same, unless they're from New England. Who doesn't want to be Yankee?