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Chris Archer did not enjoy David Ortiz's home run trot

David Ortiz milked his home run trot. Chris Archer was not a fan. Chris Archer may have forgotten his celebrations against the Red Sox.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Someone get Colby Lewis on the phone, it appears another unwritten baseball rule may have been broken. The latest instance of a player complaining about the actions of another comes from Tampa Bay where Chris Archer took exception with David Ortiz's home run trot.

Let's start from the beginning. With Archer pitching, Ortiz hit a long three-run home run in the top of the third inning on Sunday. Ortiz flipped his bat and watched the ball fly out from the batters box before starting a slow home run trot that included a little extra flair around the bases.

Archer was not a fan of the slow trot and criticized the Red Sox's designated hitter after the game.

This is not the first time a Rays pitcher has taken issue with Ortiz. David Price aired his thoughts on Ortiz's actions in May. Ortiz shrugged off the latest complaint.

He did not take the opportunity to call the pot out on calling the kettle black. It's not as if Archer has ever celebrated in exuberant fashion against the Red Sox. Nope, he's never kissed his bicep while staring down a batter he struck out. Oh wait ... he did exactly that.