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Great moments in Ryan Raburn fielding history

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As everyone recently learned, it's never dull with Ryan Raburn in the field.

Ryan Raburn (n) [ry-an ray-burn] -- Left fielder, Cleveland Indians.

Raburning (n) [ray-bur-ning] -- The sensation of allowing the other team to score in the most embarrassing of ways.

You've seen Ryan Raburn spike the ball into center field on a quasi in-the-park home run. But have you seen him fall through a fence? How about assist on a home run before taking a nose dive into the fence? You see, the fun that is watching Raburn attempt to play defense is not a new concept. Oh, no, no, no. He'd been Raburning for years in Detroit. Only last week did he rise to national prominence when he did it against the Royals.

So I submit to you an (in)complete history of Raburning.

1. Raburning through the fence

For a year, this may have been Raburn's most memorable bloop -- and to be fair, he shouldn't really have to check that the bullpen door in Cleveland is in its fully latched position before leaping into through it. Future teammate Jhonny Peralta scored an in-the-park home run. A legend was born.

2. Raburning with a slippery ball

Just ...

... can't ...

... get a hold of ...

... that damned ...

... ball.

Fielding is hard.

3. Raburning the ball over the fence

Half the fun here is Raburn's reaction afterward. He looks to the left. Not there. How about the right? Not there, either. Behind him? Damn. Well, surely it's in the glove, right? Aw, crap. It's in the bullpen isn't it?

Yep. It's in the bullpen.

4. Raburning the ball into the ground

Which brings us to our most recent edition of Raburning, the best one yet because it combines the other elements: He can't quite hold onto the ball, he does something bone-headed when he arrives at it, and the other team scores on the Little League home run.

Raburning at its finest.