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Cubs backup catcher throws inning, gets win, scores winning run

John Baker's number should be retired after his night at Wrigley Field.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs played the longest game in franchise history on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, winning after 6 hours, 27 minutes in the 16th inning, when backup catcher John Baker pitched a scoreless top of the inning before leading o ff the bottom half with a walk and scoring on a sacrifice fly.

There are so very few chances for backup catchers to become legends. In 50 years, though, some grizzly fellow in the left-field bleachers will yell John Baker's name, and the crowd around him will toast frothy mugs of moon ale in his honor. Here's Baker getting a double play to get out of the top of the 16th:

Here he is scoring the winning run:

A list of the 10 most recent position players to get a win:

Player Date Tm
Chris Davis 2012-05-06 BAL
Wilson Valdez 2011-05-25 PHI
Brent Mayne 2000-08-22 COL
Rocky Colavito 1968-08-25 (1) NYY
Willie Smith 1964-05-06 LAA
Willie Smith 1963-07-19 DET
Eddie O'Brien 1957-09-14 (1) PIT
Johnny O'Brien 1956-07-03 PIT
Jimmie Foxx 1945-08-19 (2) PHI
Lefty O'Doul 1923-04-26 BOS

All of the box scores are worth clicking on, especially the one where Brent Mayne vanquishes the evil John Rocker.

John Baker, you are suddenly a Cubs legend. Enjoy the free pizza-related casserole at every Chicago pizzeria for the rest of your life.