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Orioles celebrate first division title in 17 years

The O's partied in style after clinching a long-awaited AL East crown.

When a proud franchise ends a near two-decade division title drought, you know a party is in order.

That's exactly what the Orioles did after they defeated the Blue Jays, 7-2, to clinch their first AL East crown since 1997. I mean, Buck Showalter smiled. That never happens! But here's proof:

Not enough? OK, here's more (featuring a healthy dose of Adam Jones):

Speaking of Jones, he celebrated by smashing a pie into the face of a fan sitting in the front row. You can only do this during a happy occasion:

Pie clearly equals happiness and results in adorable and heartwarming things:

D'awwwww. Meanwhile, Showalter, who has guided the Orioles to two playoff appearances in the past three years, took a moment to absorb the experience:

That was before the party really got going. Bring on the drank!

After enjoying a well-earned celebration, the Orioles will get back to work against the Blue Jays in the series finale on Wednesday. Baltimore, which improved to 91-60 on Tuesday, is still within reach of the top overall spot in the American League, though it will take some work to catch the 94-56 Angels.