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MLB creates pace of game committee

In what will likely be one of commissioner Bud Selig's final acts on the job, MLB has begun to officially look at speeding up games.

MLBPA head Tony Clark is part of this new committee.
MLBPA head Tony Clark is part of this new committee.
Patrick McDermott

Baseball games are too slow and take too long. They're still enjoyable and we're all going to watch them, but they could be sped up and improved. The fact that even Major League Baseball commissioner (for now) Bud Selig has recognized this is the greatest proof that we know. Selig, in what will likely be one of his last major acts as commissioner, has set up a committee to figure out ways to speed up MLB games as soon as 2015.

Some of the regular long-term players you expect are included in the committee, such as the Mets' Sandy Alderson, Braves' president John Schuerholz and MLB's chief operating officer and the next commissioner, Rob Manfred. Tony Clark is there to represent the Player's Union as well, while Tom Werner -- who failed in his bid to leave the Red Sox to become commissioner -- is also around, along with Joe Torre. It's kind of a who's who of those will still be in power after Selig officially abdicates the throne, which makes sense given they're the ones who need to deal with the consequences of their actions.

MLB public relations released details -- including the entire list of involved names -- on the committee through their Twitter account.

All of that sounds good, but it's worth remembering that this is just a committee, and both Selig and MLB love forming them even if they end up doing nothing. Do not be surprised when, in 2017, Manfred forms an investigative committee to find out what's taking the pace of game committee so long to get anything worked out.