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Bless Astros catcher Hank Conger for doing the 'Chappelle's Show' Robot every time Houston homers

Finding Hank Conger's dugout "Chappelle's Show" robot is the Where's Waldo of the MLB postseason.

Hank Conger is not the most important player in the Astros' postseason run. As Houston's backup catcher, he hasn't yet had an at-bat, and he might not no matter how far the team goes as it opts to start Jason Castro behind the plate.

However, he is certainly the most fun player to watch perhaps in the entire postseason.  Because every time the Astros hit a home run, Conger is dedicated to celebrating in the dugout by doing the robot dance from Chappelle's Show.

Here he is after Carlos Correa's second homer in Monday afternoon's Game 4:

The best thing about Conger's dancing is he really captures the spirit of the Chappelle robot. It's never the main theme of the party or the skit, but if you look closely, you can find him, and then it becomes more important than everything else. I can no longer watch Astros games for the Astros games, I only watch them to see other Astros homer so I can see Conger dance.

Here it was after Chris Carter's Game 3 dinger:

You may remember Conger from his WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE to an ESPN anchor, but that was just a one-time thing. This is every homer. Here he is after Colby Rasmus' Game 2 dinger:

After a Colby Rasmus homer on Oct. 3:

After a Carter homer on Oct. 1:

He celebrated the Astros' Wild Card victory with a robot dance, once while double-fisting, once with a cigar:

And he even ruined -- or, really, improved -- the team photo with a still version of the robot:

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