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The Cubs clinch a playoff series at Wrigley for the first time ever

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UPDATE: Cubs win! Cubs Win!

Wrigley Field opened its doors in 1914, with the Cubs first playing there in 1916 when it was still called Weeghman Park. That means we're just shy of 100 years of Cubs' baseball at Wrigley, and yet, they have not won a single playoff series in that park. That can all change on Tuesday in Game 4 of the NLDS, when Jason Hammel and the Cubs take on John Lackey and the Cardinals in Chicago, with the Cubs up two games to one after Monday's victory.

It's hard to believe at first that the Cubs have never clinched a playoff series at Wrigley, but here we are. The only series that existed in the MLB playoffs until 1969 was the World Series -- the Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908, before ground had even broken on Wrigley, and haven't even been to a World Series since 1945. They lost the NLCS in 1984 and 1989, and lost in their first League Division Series in 1998. The 2003 season actually represented the only playoff series -- not just World Series -- that the Cubs haven't lost since 1908, but that victory against the Braves took five games, with the clinching contest coming at Turner Field in Atlanta. And the past tense of "represent" only works there if you want to call 2015's Wild Card Game victory over the Pirates a "series" win.

Now is the time to do change all that. They're facing their greatest rivals. It's the first time the Cubs have had a chance to clinch at Wrigley since 2003, when they dropped both Game 6 and Game 7 to the Marlins in Chicago. It's only the third time in Wrigley's 99 years of Cubs' history that they have even had an opportunity to clinch a postseason series there -- the other was the '45 World Series, in which the Cubs won Game 6, but lost the deciding matchup.

Not all of the Cubs' awful past can be erased with a series win here, but it would certainly be a start. Plus, avoiding the Cardinals in a must-win game seems like something every team should do, not just one with the history the Cubs have.

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