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Joey Bautista blasts enormous go-ahead bomb, does bat flip of the decade

Joey Bautista won the ALDS for the Blue Jays. He enjoyed it quite a bit.

The 7th inning of the decisive Game 5 between the Blue Jays and the Royals was the most eventful inning of 2015, and perhaps a lot longer. In the top half, one of the most uncommon plays imaginable gave the Rangers a free run, leading to a slew of garbage thrown on the field. In the bottom half, the Rangers committed three errors, leading to the bases loaded and none out and a tying run for the Blue Jays... and then with two on, Jose Bautista blasted a homer to the second deck.

Bautista pimped the homer harder than any homer has ever been pimped:

LOOK AT THIS PICTURE, by Tom Szczerbowski of Getty Images:

Afterwards, Edwin Encarnacion tried to quiet the crowd, which was once again tossing stuff on the field -- but Sam Dyson, who gave up the homer, thought he was trying to egg them on, leading to a scuffle.