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The Mets' season might rest on Noah Syndergaard's shoulders in Game 3

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The World Series has not gone the Mets' way so far. They're down 0-2 to the Royals, thanks to a close, extra-innings loss in Game 1 followed by a beatdown in Game 2 that featured seven Royals runs and a complete game effort by Johnny Cueto. The series has moved to New York now, though, so maybe their luck will change at home with Thor on the mound on Friday night.

Rookie Noah Syndergaard, who made his major league debut on May 12, has a whole lot of pressure on him in his first-ever World Series start. He'll be taking on Yordano Ventura, who finished the 2015 regular season strong but has been just okay in the playoffs. The Mets need this win as much as any team can need a W in a non-elimination game: 11 teams have come back to win the World Series after being down 0-2, which are slim enough odds already, but coming back down from 0-3 is unprecedented territory.

Will the Royals win yet again and push the Mets to the brink in front of their home crowd? Or are the Mets in line to notch a win here and make this feel like more of a series -- one that will go at least five games? It's all coin flip stuff at this point, but if the Mets don't start hitting soon like they did against the Cubs, the guesswork is going to be taken out of this.