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Playoff spots up for grabs on the final day of the season

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Sunday's Say Hey, Baseball includes all of the scenarios to watch for in today's games, another masterful no-hitter from Max Scherzer and possible expansion for MLB. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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We have one day left on the regular season schedule, but there are still things that need to be figured out before we head to the postseason.

It will be an exciting day, as the Astros and Angels are still fighting for the second Wild Card spot in the American League, while Houston and Texas are fighting for the AL West division title. With a Houston win and Texas loss, we’ll be treated to a one-game playoff for the division crown on Monday night in Texas. Meanwhile, with a Houston loss and Angels win, there will be a one-game playoff on that same night in Houston with the winner advancing to the Wild Card round. The only scenario in which we won’t get a one-game playoff on Monday is if both Houston and the Angels lose. In addition to these, there are other home-field scenarios at play today as well. You got all that?

For a moment, it was looking like it would be a lackluster final game of the season, as the Rangers almost sewed up the division and the Angels almost handed the Wild Card to the Astros. Instead, the latter pulled off one of the most improbable comebacks in recent memory in what was one of the more entertaining games I can ever remember.

To make things even better, all of these different playoff scenarios will play out at the same time, thanks to a new rule from the league. Having every team play at the same time is such a good idea that it’s somewhat amazing that it hasn’t always been this way. Even as a Red Sox fan, there’s no denying how incredible 2011 was, and now we have a chance at a similar outcome this year. We hope you’ve all cleared your afternoon schedule, as we have a fun one ahead of us today.