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The MLB playoffs kick off with the Astros and Yankees in Baseball Thunderdome

Tuesday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the start of the MLB playoffs, CC Sabathia's decision to enter rehab and the firing of Matt Williams. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey!

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Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. There are all kinds of stories, rumors, game coverage and Vines of dudes getting hit in the beans every day. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s okay, though, we’re going to do the heavy lifting for you each morning and find the things you need to see from within the SB Nation baseball network as well as from elsewhere. Please hold your applause until the end, or at least until after you subscribe to the newsletter.

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It's finally happening: the MLB playoffs are officially underway as of 8 p.m. ET Tuesday. As it has since 2012, the Wild Card Game will get things started, this time with the Astros taking on the Yankees in New York. Three hours later -- okay, maybe closer to four, this is a Yankees' game -- one fan base will be devastated, while another will be relieved their team has escaped into the American League Division Series, where it will take on last year's pennant winners, the Kansas City Royals.

Masahiro Tanaka was at one point a question mark to start for the Yankees thanks to a hamstring injury that caused him to miss a turn in the rotation. He'll take the mound against Dallas Keuchel, who led the AL in ERA+ (162), innings (232), shutouts (two) and wins (20), and looks to be a distinct possibility to take home the league's Cy Young award this November.

The Astros have been considered the ones limping into the postseason, as they went 28-30 from August onward and fell to the second wild card after holding the AL West for much of the year. The Yankees didn't exactly storm their way into it, either. New York went 29-31 and lost their seven-game lead in the AL East over the final two-plus months of the season. They've been outscored, 144-134, since September began, whereas the Astros have come out even at 159 in each direction. They might not have finished strong, but their aces are on the mound, and the beauty of the MLB playoffs is that anything can happen once you're there. Ask last year's light-hitting Royals about that, or the Giants, who defeated them in the World Series after playing sub-.500 ball from June onward. By the end of Tuesday, one of these two teams will still have that same chance.