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The Reds are willing to trade anyone, including Aroldis Chapman

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The Reds were a mess in 2015. They finished last in the NL Central and narrowly missed a 100-loss season, and while their descent was hastened by midseason trades, it's not like Cincinnati was close to a playoff spot before they waved the white flag. Realizing just how dire their prospects for 2016 are after an 18-43 run over the last two months of the season, they've decided that it's time to listen to trade offers for everyone. And yes, "everyone" includes Jay Bruce and Aroldis Chapman.

It's not just them, though, as Todd Frazier -- who hit 35 home runs this past summer -- could be dealt, as could Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips if the Reds can figure out how to work around their no-trade protection. Frazier is an attractive piece as a power hitter who should still be relatively cheap over his last two years of arbitration, but Votto is a game-changing hitter. He's also under contract through 2023, though, when Votto will be 39 years old, so it's hard to even guess as to what a trade for him would look like.

Things are bad enough, though, that the Reds might not be great again while Votto still is, so it's at least worth looking into. Chapman is the real prize, however, the one who should bring back major pieces, and as a closer in the last year of his deal, it's hard to imagine he'll still be on the Reds by the time winter meetings conclude. We'll see, though: the Reds have had a habit of pulling the trigger too late the last couple of years.