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The Red Sox want David Price real bad

Saturday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Red Sox lusting after David Price, the Blue Jays filling Price's former spot in the rotation and another possible trade for Billy Beane and the A's. Subscribe for your daily Say Hey.

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The Red Sox have somewhat famously needed a top-line starting pitcher to replace the void left by Jon Lester after he was traded midway through the 2014 season for over a year. They opted to go in a different direction last season, instead bringing in mid-rotation arms like Rick Porcello and Wade Miley for the 2015 season. Although the rotation wasn’t quite as bad as advertised last year, there’s no denying there was something missing. As such, Dave Dombrowski is expected to go in a different direction in his first offseason with the Red Sox.

We’ve known for quite some time that Boston would be involved with the top of the pitching market this offseason, but it was unclear whether that would be via free agency or trade. After giving up a haul for Craig Kimbrel, however, it’s become more and more clear they will be taking the first route. This is the best year to take that road, with a stacked starting pitching market unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory. Even with all of that talent, though, it certainly appears that Dombrowski and the Red Sox only have eyes for David Price. All reports say they are willing to do just about whatever it takes to land the former Ray, Tiger and Blue Jay.

On the one hand, the match seems a little silly on the surface. For one thing, he and David Ortiz (and thus, the organization as a whole) have had some differences in the past. More importantly, he’s an expensive pitcher who will soon turn 30, and Boston’s ownership has historically avoided those situations. With that being said, Price being the guy to buck that trend makes plenty of sense. He won’t cost a draft pick on top of this monstrous contract. More importantly, he’s really good at pitching baseballs. There will be more rumors about the top pitcher on the market in the coming weeks, but right now, it looks like no one will be willing to top the Red Sox for Price’s services.