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Jonathan Papelbon probably doesn't want to pitch for your team

Wednesday's Say Hey, Baseball includes Jonathan Papelbon's no-trade clause, a potential Brandon Phillips trade and more on the Johnny Cueto signing.

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The Nationals don't want to keep Jonathan Papelbon around, given the whole "choked Bryce Harper in the dugout" thing. They aren't just going to give him away, of course -- he's still Jonathan Papelbon on the mound even if he's Jonathan Papelbon off of it -- but chances are good they're going to shop him at some point this winter. The thing is, they'll have to work around Pap's no-trade clause, which covers 17 different teams.

Now, a no-trade clause can be used for leverage, as it was when Papelbon was dealt from the Phillies to the Nationals in the first place -- he had his 2016 option guaranteed and got Washington to promise he'd replace Drew Storen as the team's closer. It can also be used to avoid going to a particular team, and knowing Papelbon's very public pro-winning team sentiments, he's not about to lift it to go to someone he thinks is going to lose.

Papelbon can block a trade to the D-Backs, Orioles, Indians, Rockies, White Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, Marlins, Brewers, Twins, Yankees, A's, Phillies, Pirates, Giants, Rangers and Blue Jays. A few of those -- Rockies, White Sox, Brewers, Marlins and Phillies -- seem like non-starters anyway given how their 2016's are expected to go. A few others -- Indians, Pirates, Blue Jays -- might lack the room for Papelbon's $11 million. Others either have no need for him or bigger problems to solve. Combine all that with what is likely a negative outlook of him (at least in some circles) following his September attack on Harper, and it might be tough to move him to one of these teams. But hey, there are 12 others, and Mike Rizzo can certainly trade. Either the Nationals will have a great reliever with a volcanic personality, or they'll find someone to take him away. It's too soon to tell which it'll be, but this wide-net no-trade probably won't help with the latter.