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The Royals reportedly offering Alex Gordon half of what he's worth

Thursday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Royals low, low offer for Alex Gordon, the Todd Frazier trade and the Red Sox's farm system.

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Alex Gordon wasn't the premier outfielder on the free agent market thanks to Jason Heyward, but he's still deserving of a significant contract. He'll be 32 in 2016, and has batted .281/.359/.450 since 2011 despite the pitcher-friendly confines of Kauffman Stadium. He's also been one of the finest defensive left fielders in the game since moving to the position, and while his advanced defensive metrics dipped in that regard this past summer, he still passes the eye test out there. Those numbers aren't perfect, you know.

Despite all this, he's likely leaving the Royals he helped bring a World Series championship to. Kansas City just isn't offering him enough money to stay, as the most recent report out there says they're talking about a four-year deal worth about $13 million per season. That's not an offer someone like Gordon gets from a team expecting him to say yes. That's a team submitting something because they think it looks better than nothing.

At 32, Gordon doesn't need a 10-year promise or anything like that, but the idea of him making less than the 35-year-old Ben Zobrist on his next contract is foolish. Gordon is likely to pick up something in the $18 million to $20 million range, especially since he's not so young that an opt-out to drop the overall money is likely in his contract. This is his last, best chance to get paid. Something like a five-year, $90 million pact, or five years and $100 million, is in his future -- the Royals are offering about half of that if the reports are true. It's unclear where Gordon will sign, but it won't be with Kansas City if their plan doesn't change.