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Hank Aaron is rooting for Alex Rodriguez

Listen, if it's good enough for Hank Aaron, it's good enough for you.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

There are people who believe Hank Aaron is still baseball's home run king: some because they refuse to acknowledge Barry Bonds' dingers, and others because math is hard and others still are super Milwaukee homer Bud Selig. It's unlikely this conversation will soon include Alex Rodriguez, who is 39 years old and still 101 homers behind Aaron in his career, but Aaron is rooting for A-Rod anyway.

What, are you surprised? You shouldn't be! Hammerin' Hank is a man of discerning taste who likely read Grant Brisbee's feature on why we should all be rooting for A-Rod, even if you dislike him. He's just heeding that advice and sharing his message with people who should do the same. Thanks, Henry!

"I am rooting for him," Aaron, 81, said Monday. "Despite all of the things that people say he had been involved in, I'm rooting for him to come back and have a great year. I am very much anxious to see what he's going to do.


"If I wanted to go to the game and A-Rod was playing, I certainly would go to the game," Aaron said. "I've met A-Rod, and to be honest, between him and me, he's been nothing but a friend to me. I liked him."

Aaron goes on further to explain that it's not his call to judge players suspected of steroid use, while reiterating that records are made to be broken. It's good to see at least someone is handling all of this well, and also a reminder that Selig should be ashamed of himself.